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Hi! I figured that it might be fun to have a simple little thing right here about the drow puzzle hunt!
Here is the link to the site:
So here are the questions followed by the answers!

Warning: Contains Massive Spoilers

Week 1

Q: Rural community where Elminster the Sage retired.
Q:Famed water wizard heralded for driving the drow out of Shadowdale.
Answer: Ashaba
Q: The Twisted Tower was constructed as an outpost of which city?

Week 2

Q:The immense, labyrinthine dungeon beneath Waterdeep.
Answer: Undermountain
Q:Planar demesne once home to Ghaunadaur.
Answer: Demonweb Pits
Q: Waterdhavian guild that serves as an academy for the study of the arcane arts.
Answer: Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors

Week 3

Q: Race of elemental infused humanoids.
Answer: Genasi
Q: Created when an ice moon struck Toril millennia ago.
Answer: Sea of Fallen Stars
Q: Nation located between Chessenta and the Vilhon Wilds.
Answer: Akanûl

Week 4

Q: This “Living City” stands upon the eastern shore of the Dragon Reach.
Answer: Raven's Bluff
Q: The region in which the nation of Vesperin resides.
Answer: The Vast
Q: City of the Hammer delved by dwarves in the Year of the Ensorcelled Kings.
Answer: Sarbreen

Week 5

Q: Demonic handmaiden of Lolth.
Answer: Yochlol
Q: Drow exile who defeated the legendary beholder Many Eyes.
Answer: Menzoberra the Kinless
Q: Drow term meaning “chosen one”.
Answer:Yorthae (true spelling is Yor'thae)

Week 6

Q: Ancient civilization of artificers and slavers whose empire centered in modern day Raurin.
Answer: Imaskar
Q: A confederation of drow settlements beneath Thay.
Answer: Undrek’Thoz
Q: An imprisoned entity that sends visions to spellscarred beings across Faerûn.
Answer: Masters of Absolute Accord

Week 7

Q: Rolling farmland and forested vales scattered around the periphery of the Cormanthor forest.
Answer: Dalelands
Q: Human deity often depicted as a golden-skinned youth.
Answer: Lathander
Q: House of renegade drow who have infested the forest of Cormanthor for over a century.
Answer: House Jaelre

Week 8

Q: Magical calamity that struck the world of Toril during the Year of Blue Fire.
Answer: Spellplague
Q: Ancient Illuskan city delved by dwarven engineers of fabled Delzoun.
Answer: Gauntlgrym
Q: Matron Mother of the Menzoberranzan noble house whose members conceal their identities with veils or masks while in public.
Answer: QXorlarrin (This is the name they want in the answer field. The true spelling is:Q'Xorlarrin)

Week 9

Q: Drow city located deep beneath the Skyfire Emirates.
Answer: Guallidurth
Q: The fabled Mithral Kingdom of Old Shanatar.
Answer: Iltkazar
Q: Every century this silver dragon masquerading as a dwarven king is freed from magical stasis as a solid mithral statue.
Answer: Mithbarakaz (There apears to be some diffirent spelling then older soucres that claim:"Mithbarazak")

Week 10

Q: Famed drow city and birthplace of Drizzt Do’Urden.
Answer: Menzoberranzan
Q: Formal name of the ruling drow house with the fewest high priestesses.
Answer: Barrison DelArmgo
Q: Title of the individual tasked with lighting the great pillar of Narbondel daily.
Answer: Archmage of menzoberranzan

Week 11

Q: Keyword to describe an artificial, non-living creature.
Answer: Construct
Q: World that was once a part of Abeir.
Answer: Toril
Q: Name of the great vale that separates the Lurkwood from the Spine of the World along the River Mirar
Answer: Valley of Khedrun

Week 12

Q: A primeval elemental creature of godlike power
Answer: Primordial
Q: The former goddess of magic whose demise precipitated the Spellplague.
Answer: Mystra
Q: Also known as "the One Land".
Answer: Faerûn

Week 13

Q: Human nation whose armies field Purple Dragon Knights and War Wizards.
Answer: Cormyr
Q: The dread Haunted Halls are located outside this idyllic village.
Answer: Eveningstar
Q: Forest that was once the westernmost reaches of Cormanthor.
Answer: King’s Forest

More info can be found on the site! This will make you be able to get allot of new lore ^^! Oh and i will uppdate this page once i catch wind of new questions!

Have fun :D!

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