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I wonder if we could create a template with categories for the fey species as the one already existing for Humans and Tel-quessir races for example. We could use sub-categories as already described in the 'Fey' page : Fey bounded to a location / Fey born from emotion / Sprite / Hags / Hybrid fey (with Korred, Satyr...) / Dragons / etc.

Has it already been done or tried ? Thoughts ? Suggestions ?
Sylaruil (talk) 15:36, April 16, 2020 (UTC)

It is not a bad idea, but I think that it would not really be that beneficial and could also be misleading. "Fey" means different things in different contexts, and the term most often simply means a creature with some connection to the Feywild. Not all fey are in any way related to each other beyond that. This is in contrast to the subgroups of humans and elves, which are genetically related. Navigation boxes, which those kinds of templates are called, are best used for things that have some sort of connectivity to each other. Note that we do not have a "navbox" for Outsiders or Aberrations either. If one wants a list of all Fey, it makes more sense to simply look here: Category:Fey.
~ Lhynard (talk) 17:04, April 16, 2020 (UTC)
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