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I was planning a campain that ended with the rebirth of Vhaeraun and Eilistraee. I was wondering what would you suggest to bring them back? I have an idea but it is long and they have to survive differnt planes and the demon web. So Ideas?

You can go with the classic idea that they 'saved copies' of themselfs in case they needed to come back. In other words the Classic Bane Plot. You could also have a powerful mortal gain godhood and then 'become' that god, in other words the Cyric/Kel/Mystra Plot. You could even have other gods simply bring them back. (Bloodtide 21:53, August 23, 2010 (UTC))

I was going to have them gather the Crescent Blade and blood of Vhaeraun that a demon has and perform a ceromny at a elipses on Unicorn Run(heavy natural magic).

Ao could always take mercy on the goodly drow, and think Lolth still needs a bit of competition to keep her in line, and simply resurrect the two with those goals in mind.

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