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Ok, I completed Icewind Dale and just got Heart of Winter. I've just tried to play the expansion by meeting with the guy in the little house in Kulduhar and when the game prompts me to put in my Heart of Winter CD it does nothing. It can't seem to read the disk. However, if I load the game from my Heart of Winter CD it will allow me to create a new game and play the expansion, but if I quit the game to come back to it later it seems to fail to read the disk again. I've tried installing and uninstalling the game, but the same problem occurs. Does anyone have any idea what the hell's wrong?

Much appreciated. xx

I think you need to download a patch for this. As I remember, the patch was released almost the same time the game was released. Anyhow, here's a link
if you install the "Trials of the Luremaster" instead, patch 1.42 is included
Have fun!
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