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Seeing people looking for a list of all the 'Easter eggs' in Honor Among Thieves, I thought I'd have a go at compiling one. Now, I don't like the term 'Easter egg' in this context, as these are neither undocumented or bonus features in a DVD menu, nor ovoid chocolate treats. Rather, as a D&D tale, these are setting details that are practically part-and-parcel of the world. Nevertheless, what from the existing Forgotten Realms is there to find in Honor Among Thieves? Let's go on the hunt!

Not covered are spells (mostly 5e lifts or made-up), things appearing in the novelization but likely cut from the movie, some basic geography that still needs to be correlated with the Monopoly board and maps. By the way, the most obscure, oldest, and least 5e-connected finds most likely came in part from the Forgotten Realms Wiki itself (and I just wish we'd known ahead of time so we could have had the best articles ready for the production team). ~ BadCatMan (talk) 06:41, 28 March 2023 (UTC)

Easter Egg List[]


These are the really obvious ones, not so much Easter eggs as parts of the story directly served up:

Just Laying There on the Grass[]

Those things name-dropped or easily spotted:

Hard-to-Find Finds[]

For those with elf ears or elf eyes:

Deep in the Crevices[]

You've really got to search for these:

How in the Hells Did You Find This?[]

The most obscure, the deepest cuts:

  • Pendant of invisibility: Kira's magic item. Most likely a coincidence as it wasn't on the wiki before, but it matches perfectly with a magic item of the same name in the back of Dungeon #112 in 2004.
  • The flashback of Szass Tam's spell and takeover of Thay appears to be a quick fictionalized summation of the events of The Crimson Gold and Unclean as well as the next century of Thayan history and descent into a necromancer's realm. Presumably this is set circa 1375 before Szass's coup and the Thayan civil war in the latter book.
  • Szass Tam's beckoning death spell for creating mass numbers of undead follows exactly the supposedly false story of "the spell of Undeath" that the would-be Harper King Rundorl Moonsklan and duped ally of Szass Tam spread in the early 1200s DR, as detailed in The Code of the Harpers by Ed Greenwood in 1993.
  • Whether or not it can be seen in the final cut of the film, thanks to an old photo from the set of the Triboar playhouse, we know there are images depicting the three boars for which the town was named as well as a shirtless man we assume to be Gwaeron Windstrom (given that god's relevance to the town).
  • Scenes of Lord Halueth Never and the early history of Neverwinter appear on the walls of Forge's office.

Wild Realmslore Theorizing[]

Insert meme of madman in front of conspiracy board here.

  • In Thay, it's "the eve of the solstice" and a few people are carrying red-and-yellow sun symbols. Amaunator the sun god has the summer solstice as his holy day and a sun holy symbol, particularly this one. While newly revived in 1374 DR and his association with Thay is unknown, it is plausible.
  • Daurgothoth moved into Dolblunde in the Year of Beckoning Death, 1253 DR, which has the same name as the Szass Tam's spell. Daurgothoth, the Creeping Doom, a dracolich, is also conspicuously absent from Dolblunde, while that necromantic spell for creating undead pours forth from something that looks like it just might be part of a dragon's horn.