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We rolled another natural 20 on a Search check and found what appear to be fragments of the script of Honor Among Thieves. While we can't confirm their veracity or rule it out as a hoax, we can't disprove it either and it is persuasive. Everything checks out and agrees with recent news. This is from 2020, before all of the news revealing character names and plot details, but also likely represents an earlier draft from what was filmed.

I'll post them here for the record, and of course for the clout of us having had it first. :D The following is reassembled and may be incomplete, but is unedited.

BadCatMan (talk) 14:58, 25 July 2022 (UTC)

Unknown: You live here?

Doric: Until Forge Fitzwilliam finishes chopping it all down.
Unknown: His entire treasury will be—
Doric: —in Castle Never. I get it. You take his money, you take his power.
Unknown: So, you're with us, then?
Doric: Is it just you three? I don't usually put much faith in humans. I find most of you to be selfish and short-sighted.
Simon: If it helps, I'm only half-human.
Doric: Yes, but I don't think you're a very good wizard.
Edgin: Simon is a mighty wizard! He's a direct descendant of Elminster Aumar.
Doric: I don't care who his great great grandfather was. The only way to succeed in this kind of thing is to have confidence that it can be done. And he has none of that.
Holga: I suppose that's fair — are you eating ashes?
Doric: Yes. I'm a tiefling.
Unknown: Holga, not helpful.

Doric: For years, Lord Neverember was a friend of the Enclave. We protected each other from those who would do us harm. But when Forge became lord, he stripped away all the city's alliances. He declared us an enemy and began tearing down our home. There's no way this serves the interest of Neverwinter. So I have to assume it only serves his own. And there's nothing more dangerous than a politician who believes in nothing. I'm not doing this for the money. I just don't know any other way to stop my people from dying.
— Possible scene from Honor Among Thieves.