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Topic Last Edit Last Author
All Missing Dungeon Magazines added01:44, 3 March 2018BadCatMan
Images by ElmUnderleaf05:31, 21 February 2018Lhynard
New Milestone: 25,000 Pages!01:14, 18 February 2018BadCatMan
New Forgotten Realms books by R.A. Salvatore12:08, 13 February 2018BadCatMan
Citations with different designers in one box19:40, 8 February 2018Daranios
We now have every single issue of Dragon Magazine!14:08, 4 February 2018Daranios
Citing from novels04:37, 2 February 2018Moviesign
Divine realms treatment04:14, 29 January 2018Moviesign
5e pantheons02:34, 29 January 2018Lhynard
Question: adding a navbar to "short" articles16:31, 26 January 2018Regis87
We now have 277 of 430 (64%) of Dragon Magazine issues!!!22:11, 25 January 2018Regis87
Realmspace navigation template01:46, 22 January 2018Lhynard
In-game screenshots?14:28, 13 January 2018Moviesign
Diacritical signs07:33, 13 January 2018Ir'revrykal
Reference popups17:34, 16 December 2017Moviesign
Elder Evil Stars02:33, 28 November 2017Zeromaru X
Separate editions through namespace?06:04, 13 October 2017BadCatMan
Standardizing article sections15:00, 17 September 2017Moviesign
Incomplete References15:33, 28 July 2017Moviesign
Searching for Map20:11, 16 July 2017Dhunton
Secrets of the Mages20:27, 8 July 2017Fw190a8
CCC Adventures12:14, 5 July 2017BadCatMan
New Page Header coming13:50, 15 June 2017Moviesign
4e Class vs. Role21:11, 22 May 2017Ir'revrykal
I don't recall if I posted about this before...18:58, 18 May 2017Lhynard
New Westgate book on the DM's Guild03:28, 17 May 2017Lhynard
I'm back!14:00, 9 May 2017Lhynard
Index of Spellcasters17:12, 4 May 2017Lhynard
Kepeshkmolik Tarhun17:11, 4 May 2017Lhynard
Edition-Specific Challenge Rating Categories04:20, 22 April 2017Moviesign
Bordered nav boxes03:25, 18 April 2017Moviesign
Summary tenses01:06, 14 April 2017BadCatMan
Canonicity of "Realms Apocrypha"20:32, 12 April 2017Sno4wy
On Kyuss canonicity14:11, 3 April 2017Ir'revrykal
Adding references from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide16:54, 29 March 2017Moviesign
Abeir timeline16:47, 13 March 2017Zeromaru X
What Are You Reading?00:39, 6 March 2017Artemaz
Well Met!!09:19, 27 February 2017BadCatMan
Loremaps, copypasta, and copyright18:40, 8 February 2017Moviesign
Citing closed Facebook groups01:22, 29 January 2017BadCatMan
Definite article for pubs, taverns, and the like13:10, 21 January 2017Artemaz
Forgotten Realms Atlas13:40, 7 January 2017Moviesign
Deity Infobox14:48, 4 January 2017Moviesign
Lhynard Book of Torilian Records00:38, 24 December 2016BadCatMan
Manual of Style12:52, 13 December 2016BadCatMan
Adventurers League Citations15:27, 11 December 2016Moviesign
Insights from Special:Insights13:31, 17 October 2016Lhynard
10th anniversary20:00, 2 October 2016Darkwynters
Waterdeep City of Splendors13:20, 11 September 2016Moviesign
Shieldmeet23:01, 6 September 2016Darkwynters
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