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Topic Last Edit Last Author
Categorization system for creatures08:19, November 7, 2015BadCatMan
Forum Layout17:33, October 29, 2015Jandor
Stubs and Incomplete12:53, October 29, 2015Artemaz
Email Confirmation issue00:46, October 17, 2015BadCatMan
Dwarfish Relics03:16, October 13, 2015Moviesign
Detail in novel summaries, etc.15:31, October 11, 2015Darkwynters
Statements in Articles Based Solely on Real-World Facts and How or If to Cite Them13:38, October 5, 2015BadCatMan
Unregistered Users18:07, October 4, 2015Jandor
The King's Speech: The FRW Report 2015, 10th Anniversary Edition19:30, September 30, 2015Jandor
Updated unreferenced template06:11, September 30, 2015BadCatMan
Possible change to infoboxes16:42, September 27, 2015Moviesign
Howdy12:28, September 24, 2015BadCatMan
Writing competition!17:47, September 1, 2015Terrorblades
Uskevren05:48, August 24, 2015Jandor
Plant template03:44, August 23, 2015Coswig
Caching20:00, August 16, 2015Moviesign
Profile edits00:34, August 16, 2015Moviesign
Wikia hacked?01:38, August 10, 2015Moviesign
Zakharan Kits21:48, July 10, 2015Darkwynters
DefaultSort...a golem's work.12:05, July 7, 2015BadCatMan
What about this tab system?11:48, July 5, 2015Terrorblades
Non-Volo Building Ratings15:21, June 6, 2015Lhynard
Adding a "chapter" parameter to book citations21:44, May 31, 2015Moviesign
Before any one panics23:39, May 22, 2015Terrorblades
What Links Here15:27, May 8, 2015Eli the Tanner
Book page layout09:22, May 2, 2015BadCatMan
Why is everything written in past tense?15:18, April 24, 2015Hashimashadoo
Idea for information box for content box templates11:57, April 23, 2015BadCatMan
Adding a year to the infobox templates21:19, April 21, 2015Darkwynters
"Sources" sections cropping up21:17, April 21, 2015Darkwynters
Are plants considered items?15:42, April 19, 2015Moviesign
Wikia Requests21:53, April 16, 2015Eli the Tanner
Appearance Tabber for creatures with multiple forms14:32, April 15, 2015Lhynard
Citations for digital Dungeon/Dragon magazines01:45, March 14, 2015Moviesign
How to use the Tabber?14:59, February 26, 2015Terrorblades
Shadow of Mordor Versus Tournament11:34, February 14, 2015BadCatMan
Are there any Time of Troubles story novels?17:44, January 15, 201573.31.241.133
The Cosmology13:01, December 21, 2014Terrorblades
What is the Sundering?17:45, November 29, 2014Hashimashadoo
Call for help10:26, November 17, 2014BadCatMan
Standard units and measures19:57, October 15, 2014Darkwynters
Alignment - 4e and everything else09:31, October 13, 2014BadCatMan
A revision of canon rules?09:18, October 13, 2014BadCatMan
Proposed change to citation templates12:52, October 8, 2014Moviesign
State of the Wiki16:33, September 28, 2014Darkwynters
Updated item template14:31, September 14, 2014Moviesign
Proposed change to Featured Article template05:41, September 14, 2014BadCatMan
Working on Updating Map in Wiki13:17, September 11, 2014Moviesign
Starting Icewind Dale wikia03:07, September 9, 2014BadCatMan
Classes by edition05:55, September 7, 2014Niirfa-sa
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