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Topic Last Edit Last Author
Units of measurement20:46, March 5, 2012Fw190a8
Ironstar clan & the Time of Troubles14:11, March 3, 2012Fw190a8
Can we get a Building infobox?23:32, February 8, 2012Cronje
Maps category16:13, January 31, 2012Moviesign
Things we could learn from Wookieepedia04:30, January 26, 2012Bloodtide
Should some info from the Baldurs Gate games be canon?14:46, January 22, 2012Hashimashadoo
Wikia's image upload system is causing issues22:46, January 17, 2012Fw190a8
Shorten reference line lengths23:10, January 11, 2012Fw190a8
News on new Forgotten Realms and Neverwinter Nights PC Games16:53, January 1, 2012Cronje
Doom Brigade15:48, January 1, 2012Hashimashadoo
Domain20:34, October 21, 2011Terrorblades
Looking for a template23:08, September 29, 2011Cuttingtorch
Does this book company have its own website?16:28, July 15, 2011Cronje
NWN2 "The Dalelands"06:41, May 20, 2011Hashimashadoo
Book template: ISBN-1309:16, March 16, 2011Trixt
Heart of Winter CD Problem21:35, March 15, 2011Cronje
Rain of fire17:10, March 15, 2011Cronje
New featured article04:08, March 8, 2011Cronje
The big 1k!14:33, March 6, 2011Hashimashadoo
Abyssal Plague Novels19:41, February 20, 2011Cronje
Geography question08:12, February 20, 2011Cronje
4ed and the timeline22:40, February 15, 2011Cronje
Interlanguage link21:06, February 13, 2011Cronje
SpellPlague14:29, February 5, 2011Cronje
Gods brought back07:02, January 13, 2011Kal'esril
Edit marked with wrong date15:17, January 10, 2011Cronje
Crazy problem with location template02:43, November 15, 2010Cronje
New layout18:12, November 3, 2010Cronje
The future of spells20:42, October 30, 2010Bloodtide
Neverwinter Campaign Guide23:44, October 22, 2010Niirfa-sa
Consensus on minus signs21:44, October 21, 2010Fw190a8
New NWN game announced22:08, September 26, 2010Fw190a8
Help!06:46, August 8, 2010Tanner.flick
New red text under edit window22:16, August 2, 2010Fw190a8
Research and the gathering of information17:09, July 10, 2010Fw190a8
New conflict infobox07:29, June 17, 2010Zerak-Tul
Standardized format08:58, April 25, 2010Historicus
Add a forum viewer to the Home page21:42, April 12, 2010Zhentar
Editors of The Wilds series asleep at the job?01:56, March 24, 2010Quinsareth
Followers of Helm post-death.14:25, February 18, 2010MinyaGreycastle
New 4ed-style template04:33, February 17, 2010JanessaVR
New to the Realms: Where to Start23:37, December 14, 2009Niirfa-sa
Spanish character would be from where in Faerun?08:16, December 12, 2009Niirfa-sa
What happened to this place?22:27, November 11, 2009TheBinder
Desert of Desolation22:19, November 11, 2009TheBinder
"What links here" is gone.21:41, November 9, 2009Quinsareth
Is there a region in Faerun with celtic-like humans?02:15, November 7, 2009Bloodtide
A call for formal cooperation between this wiki and the D&D WikiProject 'work team' for Forgotten Realms04:40, October 26, 2009Quinsareth
Proposal: stop anonymous users adding unsourced information17:58, October 8, 2009Fw190a8
Horrendous amount of nbsp characters13:49, October 8, 2009Fw190a8
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