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Topic Last Edit Last Author
FR Wiki's wikiFactor rises to 19!20:50, May 28, 2009SkyeNiTessine
Prevent IP addresses from article creation23:50, May 3, 2009Niirfa-sa
Why exchange every existing image with a new (4E) one?23:44, May 3, 2009Niirfa-sa
Removal of spoiler templates08:16, April 30, 2009Niirfa-sa
Images from old Dragon and Dungeon magazines13:43, April 7, 2009SkyeNiTessine
Comparisons with Earth01:56, March 25, 2009SkyeNiTessine
Lists of characters and locations on novel articles19:15, March 22, 2009Fw190a8
Which Shadow book is first?20:38, March 17, 2009Fw190a8
Switching to the new parser01:21, March 12, 2009Fw190a8
Colored power templates00:36, March 12, 2009Fw190a8
Naming conventions04:47, March 2, 2009SkyeNiTessine
Deities list: show / hide layers08:17, January 17, 2009SkyeNiTessine
Uploading images with no justification18:25, January 16, 2009Fw190a8
5000 articles and beyond06:28, January 16, 2009Niirfa-sa
Anyone know where I can find info on the Dark Moon Heresy?04:20, January 6, 2009Fw190a8
Articles lacking citations07:22, January 5, 2009Fw190a8
Expanding the help guides23:50, December 30, 2008Zerak-Tul
Timeline question.22:17, December 24, 2008Fw190a8
History as list of dates, or as paragraph14:00, October 12, 2008SkyeNiTessine
Menzoberranzan error23:46, October 8, 2008Fw190a8
Izuth. Anyone knows where to find anything about him?16:17, October 3, 2008Zerak-Tul
Give feedback to the Realms design team!00:33, October 3, 2008Hashimashadoo
Request for Deletion19:49, October 2, 2008Zerak-Tul
D&D Interactive19:26, September 24, 2008Fw190a8
Opera users12:12, August 31, 2008Hashimashadoo
Site speed?22:40, August 25, 2008Hurtzbad
The future of the FR Wiki when 4.0e FR CS gets released06:03, August 23, 2008Chezcaliente
Looking for information/entry: Glass steel03:24, August 12, 2008SkyeNiTessine
Just finished Sea of Swords, what Drizzt book should I read next?19:54, August 9, 2008Hashimashadoo
Citations19:30, August 8, 2008Gabeth
Main page layout19:56, August 1, 2008SkyeNiTessine
Canon16:58, August 1, 2008Hashimashadoo
Dark Alliance II Template21:25, July 13, 2008Owdar
Content rescue from Wikipedia01:50, July 13, 2008Cold Blast
*Spoiler* Mystra died again.Why and what will happen?21:43, June 11, 2008Fw190a8
A question on Vhaerauns weapons23:39, June 10, 2008Fw190a8
4th Edition is Out :)06:13, June 7, 2008Fw190a8
About buying FR novels12:52, June 1, 2008Gothdom
Images with no usage rationale01:51, May 14, 2008SkyeNiTessine
Shadow Weave - Was it broken by Karsus?06:15, May 11, 2008SkyeNiTessine
Copyright -- what is our official policy?23:59, April 27, 2008Fw190a8
New members21:08, April 27, 2008Fw190a8
Question about Grumbar the Earthlord22:23, April 16, 2008Zerak-Tul
Smaller footnotes19:48, April 9, 2008Fw190a8
Wikia Gaming IRC channel20:24, April 1, 2008Zerak-Tul
Bards20:29, March 17, 2008Zerak-Tul
Help?11:06, March 9, 2008Zerak-Tul
Proposed new wiki images16:02, March 4, 2008Zerak-Tul
Other 4ed changes11:56, March 2, 2008Ruf67
Regarding summaries for novels&short stories13:50, February 10, 2008BlackZen
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