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Topic Last Edit Last Author
Classes by edition22:24, September 27, 2020Artemaz
Prospoal: Adding "Physiology" as a new section to the standardized section organization scheme.16:49, September 25, 2020Lhynard
Drow Puzzle Hunt08:07, September 22, 2020Ir'revrykal
Help in the German partner wiki needed17:40, September 12, 2020Moviesign
Consensus on "blanket" or "catch-all" categories13:27, September 5, 2020BadCatMan
On the Canonicity of Tweets19:00, September 4, 2020Ruf67
Signature galleries14:09, August 30, 2020Regis87
How to kill the cube of acid14:02, August 26, 202094.12.175.145
Infobox panels23:35, August 9, 2020Moviesign
Ex-Wikipedia Content19:16, August 9, 2020Ruf67
Neverwinter connections23:32, August 5, 2020Lhynard
Editing difficulties12:26, August 5, 2020Moviesign
Noble Houses of the Sword Coast13:39, July 23, 2020Possessed Priest
Wiki Stats 202008:57, July 22, 2020BadCatMan
Roll of Years Question00:39, July 12, 2020Moviesign
Creatures Found in/on Foo13:53, June 19, 2020Ruf67
Rime of the Frostmaiden joint project11:00, June 19, 2020Ir'revrykal
Canonicity: A minor revision09:03, June 16, 2020Wywernywin
Nominated Feature Articles14:55, May 28, 2020Sirwhiteout
Standardizing infoboxes00:50, May 26, 2020BadCatMan
Featured Sources: Standards of Excellence09:17, May 23, 2020BadCatMan
Prosposal: Adding a "Value" for the Creature template14:33, May 22, 2020Moviesign
Is there a timeline for devils and demons?17:52, May 12, 2020Daranios
Too few for Wikipedia15:15, April 30, 2020Ruf67
Dagger boots03:26, April 30, 2020Gothrog
Inhabitants categories19:42, April 26, 2020Lhynard
Fey Races Template17:04, April 16, 2020Lhynard
4e date15:46, April 16, 2020Hashimashadoo
Movement Categories12:52, April 14, 2020Moviesign
Baldur's Gate III joint project18:02, April 8, 2020Possessed Priest
Pages to check for plagiarism02:08, April 3, 2020BadCatMan
New movie news14:42, April 1, 2020Lhynard
Maintenance Questions20:17, March 31, 2020Regis87
Dead in the Eye (4e Free RPG day)01:08, March 15, 2020Possessed Priest
Binwin Bronzebottem11:49, March 12, 2020Ruf67
Can I play FR campaigns solo?09:42, March 3, 2020Ir'revrykal
Proficiency Pages?14:45, March 2, 2020Artemaz
Book Settings07:15, March 1, 2020Lhynard
Spelljammer - Is it considered canonical?21:46, February 29, 2020Lhynard
Lesser & Greater Segarrans05:28, February 27, 2020BadCatMan
Frozenfar and Northwest Faerun12:54, February 16, 2020Ruf67
Vehicle infoboxes01:28, January 27, 2020Regis87
2020: The Year of Monsters!03:33, January 8, 2020Regis87
Breath Timer15:15, January 4, 2020Moviesign
Kazgoroth & Polyhedron 7515:31, January 1, 2020Look-a-troopa
Troubleshooting Menzoberranzan problem01:02, December 28, 2019Possessed Priest
Article about history before the Days of Thunder07:40, December 18, 2019Daranios
Baldur's Gate 3 & Descent into Avernus joint project01:48, December 18, 2019BadCatMan
Acq Inc book Binwin12:23, December 4, 2019Ir'revrykal
Twitter Citations19:55, December 1, 2019Lhynard
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