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I haven't bought a FR novel in over a decade and would like to start reading them from where I left off. My question is what order should i be reading the novels so any references to other novels I would of already read etc. A list in order of series and singular novels would be a great help.
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Good question..... anyone?

I had the exact same question. I just started reading the legend of drizzt starting from the beginning and once I'm done that I was interested in reading the rest of the books. Where should I start? We used to play the campaign but I never read the books. Now I wanna read the books. Please help us fools out!

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There is a lot of Realms fiction. You don't have to read the books in any order. Lots of the books are stand alone stories that have nothing to do with anything else. Some are part of a series, and are easy to spot as they say 'book1' or 'book2' and such on them. The books don't tie into a huge plot or anything. You can't read them in the wrong order. After all, most of us read the books in the wrong order. The Crystal Shard came out years before Homeland, for example.
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In my view, just read them in the order they were published and you can't go wrong. At first I was thinking about reading each series in the order of the publishing of the first book of the series, but stopped that.

Cygnus Xone

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