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Just curious what people thought about content from the old LFR modules. I've already archived them all on my computer since nobody appears to have been updating the website for quite some time now.

Back when they first started being published, we had a debate as to their canonicity on this forum. At the time, it seemed like the ones from Season 1 & 2 (the seasons that WotC gave their official support to) were canon while later ones weren't. It has since emerged that all modules, even those that were published before Wizards pulled their support from the project in 2010, are considered non-canonical.

They are still Forgotten Realms modules however, and I wanted to poll the community on how they'd like to see this content added. Obviously, this would be a low-priority project, but we already have a framework (effectively a portal at Living Forgotten Realms:Main Page) in place to host it all.

So can anyone satisfy my curiosity?

-hashtalk 15:53, January 29, 2016 (UTC)

I come down on the side of inclusion. They were modules that were part of a sanctioned community that were not simply a collection of one-shot adventures.

-Esm3x 18:38 EST February 4, 2016
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