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A friend of mine is/was reading one of the novels out there, think it's one of Salvatore's or something, and he came to me with a Forgotten Realms question I was unable to answer. What are the properties of "Glass Steel?" The character he was reading about apparently wields two "magic glass steel maces" to use his words and he wanted to find out if he could make weapons like this for himself or if this was just invented for the one novel. Now, I looked around where I could but was unable to find anything regarding an entry in most of my books about this crafting material or it's properties or cost. So I come before the forums here to ask for a little assistance finding some information for a friend. Thanks in advance. Also my first post on these forums.
The stats for Glassteel items can be found in the Champions of Valor sourcebook on page 65.
hashtalk 18:55, 5 August 2008 (GMT)
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