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I'm creating a huge campaign for NWN2 set in the Dalelands. I have read and am familar with all of the diffrent history of the area. Not sure if any of you have played the NWN2 game, but I'm using a part of the SoZ expansion that has an overland map system. It's going to be a truely huge campaign. It's set in about the year 1374 before all the spellplague and 4E stuff. Currently I'm working on building the Twisted Tower and could use some help as to a really detailed description or picture of it. Also i'm looking for any layouts of the interior so I can have as much accuracy as possible. If anyone could help me out I would be very thanksful. My blog for the campaign is at The campaign will be set around the drow of Cormanthor restoring the lich Gwath to life in the body of a captured spider-kisser. There will be alot of stuff done in and around Shadowdale. Most of the other cities and towns will be there aswell and will be visitable by the players. What I am looking for is as much input from the FR community as possible in creating a very accurate representation of the Dalelands in my campaign for NWN2.

Thanks, -Cyric657 16:02, April 10, 2011 (UTC)
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