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Although a wiki is a free and collaborative medium, it is only human nature to feel possessive over our articles, but it can be difficult to establish ownership of a page. Is it the page creator, or the one who works on it the most? And if the latter, how can that be ascertained? And then there's the sites that abuse the CC-BY-SA license to clone pages out of our control. Well, worry no more, for we are proud to announce a cutting-edge solution to this oldest and most illusive of problems.

Non-fungible tokens!

Yes, that's right, NFTs, the hot new fad, have advanced from currencies to jpegs to mp4s to hats for video-game characters, and now to wiki pages! To learn more about NFTs, see this short explanation or this long explanation, or check out this exciting video.

Soon, you too can own a unique encrypted link to a genuine Forgotten Realms Wiki page for your very own! Our first drop could include:

And our second would be:

While the third would be:

Watch this space for more details from the dao!

The Forgotten Realms Wiki cannot guarantee that pages won't be renamed, moved, deleted, or significantly altered, thus degrading the integrity of any NFTs.

We carefully considered this and all that NFTs stand for, and naturally thought of that special day: April Fools! NFTs stand for hoaxes, fraud, deceit, and just nothing really, and now they're the butt of a joke. See the above links to several detailed critiques of NFTs. Our NFTs are Nchaser's fog triath, non-fungi-ble tokens, and everything else that we at least know is fictional. No Flipping Tchance. ~ BadCatMan (talk) 01:11, 2 April 2022 (UTC)