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I've been thinking recently of an idea to be able to cross reference related categories, focusing specifically right now on the inhabitants and races sections.

For example say if you were looking for a human character to perhaps include within a campaign you would look under Category:Humans of corse; likewise if you wanted a fighter character you would look to Category:Fighters. Now finding a human fighter isn't hard, but suppose the search was a bit more obscure, like an moon elf fighter from Rheitheillaethor? It's a bit trickier to look through all the possible candidantes and I think as we contiue to expand and add more and more obscure articles, it'll be harder to wade through the ones that aren't needed.

There are three ways I think this could be implemented, a bit complicated and would take alot of work...the second way a bit simpler, just as effective but taking alot more work and the last one is the most preferable but I'm not entirely sure if it's possible at all.

  1. We subcategorize each category with all others that are relevant. For example under the fighters category we would put the current subcategories under Fighters by level while also including Fighters by race, Fighters by location, Fighters by alignment, etc. with all appropriate subcategories underneath therein. While this works now with some special cases, such as with clerics and the deities they worship, it would end up with us having alot more subcategories (though some would invariably be used twice; Human fighters would be both under Fighters by race and Humans by class). It seems complicated but if you use the + and - signs to navigate the categories it becomes a bit simpler. Unfortunately this would allow for only 2 levels of cross-referencing and existing articles would need additional and hidden categories added to them (to avoid confusion).
  2. I've seen at the Star Wars Wiki that they use the code "{{Scroll box|text}}" which opens a scrollbox that we could use to simplify and clean up the aforementioned method. For example we could place a scrollbox in the fighters category with each entry containing (orphaned and uncategorized) versions of the possible subcategories (Fighters by race, location etc.). This would allow for these subcategories to accessed only by the scroll boxes they're needed in and cleaning up the bit of clutter that would arise from the previous method.
  3. The last method is way out there with slim to nil chance of executibility. This would be an in-wiki database similar to the one found here. Least ammount of additional work, little clutter if done as an independant page and most important of all 100% ease-of-use. I don't think it's really possible, but then again I didn't know it was possible to have interactive maps on wikis, so please let me know the realm of possibility here.

Anyways, all this is just something I've been working up over the last week or so. It's not meant as an official proposal, that's why I posted it in the forum here. I just wanted to get some feedback and hear what you all think of these ideas. Cheers!

P.S. Siluele Taemelsin is a moon elf fighter from Rheitheillaethor.

Johnnyriot999 11:03, 24 May 2007 (UTC)

I see you mentioned the ability to have imagemaps (the interactive map) – this is provided by a MediaWiki plugin. There is another MediaWiki plugin called Semantic MediaWiki which would allow us to generate lists of the contents of a category, and, if I'm not mistaken, the result of a union of two or more categories. What this means is...
  • We can automatically keep the boxes such as {{Deity list}} up to date. At the moment, they need to be amended manually.
  • We might be able to provide a list of all articles in all of the moon elves, fighters, and inhabitants of Rheitheillaethor categories.

The problem is that many people have asked for it to be installed on Wikia but the helpdesk seem to be ignoring it.

Fw190a8 12:16, 25 May 2007 (UTC)
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