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The developers of Neverwinter have just announced that they will be "vaulting" seven of the game's adventure zones as part of a planned restructuring of their leveling experience. They claim that the zones will make their way back to the game, but in a heavily revised form and at an unclear schedule. Needless to say, I am skeptical of this, and I am worried we might lose out on lore in the process. When MMO content is gone, it really is gone, after all. It behooves us to document all that we can from these soon-to-be-vaulted adventure zones now. With this in mind, Ruf and I have decided to form a task force dedicated to preserving this lore before it is potentially lost forever. We previously (and successfully) did this exact thing prior to the permanent removal of the Fury of the Feywild expansion.
Can I help?

Anyone is more than welcome to contribute. You can either download the game and get started that way, or watch through recorded gameplay on YouTube. Most of the zones being vaulted are from the earlier parts of the game, so the time investment to reach them is not prohibitively large. You can download Neverwinter on Steam or directly from the publisher.

What needs to be done?

All of these adventure zones are filled with NPCs, creatures, and quests. Simply add whatever information you find to the wiki. The more we can cover, the better. I will also be playing through the zones and taking screenshots of all the quest text and NPCs I come across, so that we have something to refer to outside of the game (and for posterity). Keep in mind all of these zones are set in 1479 DR (except the bits with dragons... it's kind of a mess).

What zones are being vaulted?

Out of these, the developers have mentioned Blackdagger Ruins and Helm's Hold as being "high on the list for returning", albeit with modifications.

Old and new Neverwinter Wiki links

The Neverwinter Wiki (at Fandom) and Official Neverwinter Wiki (at Gamepedia) have merged into Neverwinter Wiki (at Fandom with Gamepedia style). Hence all of our {{NWWiki}} and ONWWiki external links point to the same site and often the same page. The old ONW links will need to removed and links checked and updated, as many required custom entries because of differing pagenames. It's also not really bot-able without skill with regular expressions. So, if you see some while on this project, do check and update these.

I've used the bot to merge and remove all ONWWiki external links, so this is done now. BadCatMan (talk) 07:27, 14 August 2021 (UTC)
Demo Record

Some basic commands and tips for recording demos are given here. It's useful for getting screenshots of creatures who might otherwise be moving too much attacking you, and for flying around to get a good view of an area.

Blacklake District

Brandy QuickstepBranleyElmiraHawthidon FaalwunHazel (individual)KarzovOld JerryPennyPiniwinRanniganTherztZoey FargoGothwan CooperStone (person)Varin ChalgashFleabottomJacob (rebel)unnamed drow operativeunnamed cloaked man
BlacklakeThe Tatters • Brimbleton Place • Chadwick Stoop • Lakeside • Thatcher RoadBlacklake Sewers
AshmadaiDead RatsNashers

Tower District

AelgarBlack Eye (image) • Cerion HaldorethChalik ProudfistCreedDulgan ProudfistDrogthu Elfeater (updated image needed?) • Dyrl Godsword (updated image needed?) • Fineas VerranGaelenGerad KineswardGord RoundshieldGruuman Xuluksh (image needed) • Hulgen ProudfistJanrosJohariKarr NevrimKragmar DeepscarKynorath GreybeardLanwardLuganLurg BloodspearLyssonMakredMatherQuickfootRiftel FarsightSkeld SteelhelmThrogVansi BloodscarVagdru One-EarRicvenMarcellusThag Slabhead (image) • Kartok Paingiver
Cloak TowerFallen TowerMerchant Guild Hall
Belt of the Many ArrowsGingershroomGlowberryMancleaverStarflower

Blackdagger Ruins

Cecil ProudfootGarl GnarlclawGilern GhostwiseGorun PricebreakerJareth GrimKallos TamMalus BlackdaggerMelkhor GoldseekerMira ThamrosOld LennSeven ToesTaggot IronshroudTraven BlackdaggerWestbandXallianaYatesunnamed drow operativeBazoril GimlodeNorik TormssonLanricOlandus CragmireMarion HexbaneKrag FoultoothAluella ShieldheartCardiamus HawklightMargold TarmikosSamulkin FarcasterShaek Truebloodunnamed ghost (Cragmire Crypts)
Cragmire KeepBroken CrownCragmire BarrowHigh RoadRaven Cliff BeachAngelhead Mine
Blackdagger BanditsCragmire
The Doctrine of Discord

Helm's Hold

AnthusBaelrathCallumChartilifaxDassar TruebowDunfieldGurzek BalegazeHalasHeathHexabaalIppsleyJilef HillbornKellaMeryth HeartwoodMiloshMizreal EverdarkNessfettleRohiniSatarinVartan
Cathedral of HelmCrypt of Vigilance
AshmadaiChurch of Helm
Protector's Law

Pirates' Skyhold

Aluiries ArborshateBartholomew BlackdaggerBenedict ShadeleafGarrundarIrraeKaylissLeokasLili HuntinghawkNorverRedolent SurgeonShaben ShortcloakShil YargoThickgristleThorosTragold
Skull Fortress
Company Yargo

Rothé Valley

Dassar TruebowGrym FartreaderGundersonHalbryn Dark StalkerImbross Irri'KarrJevahn JhalvarMalaggathSarkon'IssSyndrythVenfithar
Blackwater BridgeFane of LolthTemple of the Spider
House XorlarrinNeverwinter's Rangers

Mount Hotenow

BaeraDarneyGommothGrumthroxHand of MaegeraHeartleafIgnazarImmolusKarrundaxKhalekNimor IronvicePyrapheniaRikki ProudfistThrimbulVandra Hillborn
Fire archonobsidian golem
Caverns of KarrundaxCharred WoodFirecross BridgeFireguard FortressShadowfire CavernTemple of the Primordial
Clan HillbornCult of Maegera
Ir'revrykal (talk) 10:41, 23 June 2021 (UTC)

Quick update: mod 21 has a release date of July 27th. While we don't need to complete all the articles by that time, we should at least identify any others that need to be added and compile all visual resources such as screenshots by then.
Ruf (talk) 14:02, 8 July 2021 (UTC)

Being a newbie, I've worked my way through Blacklake District and am now in Tower District. I've been taking updated screenshots and what details I can. It looks like most are covered on wiki already, but I can always update and expand. It looks like some quests I've seen on the Neverwinter Wiki are no longer available, at least to me, but fortunately NWW has a lot of the speech and lore copied out for reference.
BadCatMan (talk) 14:33, 10 July 2021 (UTC)

Putting this here as a reminder - I have been unable to find any screenshots online of the "flamebow" and "flameshield" variants of fire archon, so I don't know if their models are any different, but I've read that they can be found in Mount Hotenow. So if anyone finds that they do look different, I would appreciate a screenshot of them for the fire archon article.
SunderedShor (talk) 17:42, 14 July 2021 (UTC)

I've completed Tower District, including a party run through The Cloak Tower, and got screenshots of everything I could. Between what I have saved and information on the Neverwinter Wiki, it should be more-or-less preserved, though there may be some class/race-specific quest characters and bosses that are hard to access without another play-through. Adding it all to articles will take much longer, of course.
BadCatMan (talk) 15:32, 17 July 2021 (UTC)

I'm now working through Blackdagger Ruins, getting all I can.
BadCatMan (talk) 15:58, 20 July 2021 (UTC)

The Jewel of the North update is out now and I assume the old areas have gone with it, though I haven't checked yet. I had thought I'd get a quick look at Helm's Hold last night, but the game shut down for maintenance.

So, how did we go? I've more-or-less completed Blacklake District and Tower District. Anything that's left was unavailable to my character, already removed, or just not running currently, but is available off Neverwinter Wiki. I've completely played through Blackdagger Ruins and have screenshots of a lot of stuff to work through. I didn't try to screenshot every variant of creature, just the common ones and the NPCs. I'll have a lot of articles to work on and pictures to upload still.

One thing that might be lost is the in-universe emails from NPCs for class- and race-specific quests, like Hubert Windcastle, Unnamed drow operative, and Unnamed cloaked man. However, they don't seem to offer much more than meeting the characters themselves does.

How did you go for the other areas?

It looks like we're meeting in the middle for Blackdagger Ruins. I removed the link for it, as I don't think we need a page for the Blackdagger Ruins zone itself. It's a game area, but in wiki terms its a road, a forest, a castle, mines, crypts, etc., which can be separate articles.
BadCatMan (talk) 01:42, 28 July 2021 (UTC)

The party dungeons are still accessible through the Queue system.
BadCatMan (talk) 02:22, 28 July 2021 (UTC)