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This started as a discussion on my talk page but I thought it would be better to move it here.

I would prefer to see that we sort individuals by first name, not by last name, because:

  • It's more natural in this day and age (personal opinion)
  • Most people know characters by first name (Bruenor, or Regis, but they might not necessarily know the last names)
  • Category lists look odd when there's loads of article names that appear to be out of order (it takes a while for people to realise they're categorised by last name, since they have to be listed by first name in category lists, regardless of sorting)
  • It is going to be a massive amount of work to change over everything on the wiki
  • It's more complicated to sort by last name, because we need to tell new editors to put category sort keys in the relevant places, and it's just a hassle we could do without, I think.

Other opinions and views welcome, of course!

17:47, April 26, 2012 (UTC) Fw190a8
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