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I hate the spell plague. This reeks of a marketing maneuver rather than the organic story progression of creative writers such as Salvatore, Baker, Greenwood, Etc...

If they wanted to sell more source books, they could have expanded upon so many areas that are lacking details. It's not as if they had exhausted every nook and cranny in the realms.

It sounds to me like you're more upset with WotC then you are with the Spellplague itself. I personally think the Spellplague is great. It's the death of another Mystra and the 100-year gap that kills me. A lot of the new novels are set in the new age. We don't get to see the effects of the Spellplague itself except in rare cases (early The Ghost King comes to mind). I would love to see the Plaguelands actually become the Plaguelands, or someone actually attaining a spellscar.
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