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Given the increasing number and variety of vehicles that our wiki now covers, I'd like to propose a unified infobox and categorization system to organize and describe vehicles.

At present, we only have {{Ship infobox}}, which is fine for seafaring vessels and covers most of the details of spelljammers. However, it does not fit land vehicles at all and could be made a little more flexible.

We have the following major types of vehicles currently covered by the wiki:

There may be some overlap between these types (the infernal war machines we have seen in Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus are all essentially land vehicles, some sailing ships can be converted into spelljammers, and so on), but note that they represent fundamentally different types of vehicles. A spelljammer is defined by the necessity of a spelljamming helm to operate, an infernal war machine needs soul coins, etc.)

My proposal is for us to have a generic {{Vehicle}} infobox with parameters that cover all types of vehicles, while giving some specific types of vehicles their own subtemplates of the main Vehicle template, with their own specific parameters and color schemes. Currently, that would make sense for sailing ships and spelljammers, which are the largest categories, but more could be added later.

Here is a breakdown of the parameters for the main infobox and those two subtemplates:

  • For a generic {{Vehicle}}:
    • the usual propername, aliases, type, size, location, built by, used by, value, basicrefs, armament, and configrefs already present in {{Ship}}, plus (under the Configuration section):
    • weight;
    • speed;
    • creature capacity;
    • cargo capacity (in units of mass, not tonnage).
  • For a sailing or seafaring ship (under {{Vehicle/Ship}}:
    • All the already existing ones in the {{Ship}} infobox
  • For a spelljammer (under {{Vehicle/Spelljammer}}:
  • All the ones from the {{Ship}} infobox, plus (also under Configuration):
    • lands on for available landing terrains ("water", "land", "none", etc.)
    • helms for which spelljamming helms can be installed on it

Now, for the category system. My suggestion is to use Category:Vehicles as a parent category under which all the types mentioned above would enter as subcategories sorted by medium (air, land, space, water), plus one further level given by parameters in the type field. So a category tree might look something like this:

  • Vehicles
    • Aircraft
      • Airships, Halruaan skyships, etc.
    • Land vehicles
      • Infernal war machines
    • Spelljammers
    • Watercraft
      • Ships
        • Galleons, sailing ships, etc.
      • Submarines

One important thing to keep in mind if we decide to do automatic categories is that some vehicles might fit multiple categories. For example, a galleon can be both a ship and a spelljammer, so it would use the {{Vehicle/Spelljammer}} infobox, but its type field would also contain "ship", so it would be included in both "Spelljammers" and "Watercraft" categories.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Sirwhiteout (talk) 17:33, January 25, 2020 (UTC)

Great idea and makes perfect sense. Fully support.
Regis87 (talk) 01:28, January 27, 2020 (UTC)
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