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Hello! I am a big fan of this site and have been using it ever since I started dnd two years ago! I just saw that you have this great clip at the top of Lathanders wiki-page where you explain a bit of Lathander and the lore around him.

I am dabbling in voice over and editing and would love to help you with creating more of those videos!

If this sounds interesting, please hit me up :)

Thanks for your feedback.

The videos on a small number of the pages were actually created, without our approval or assistance, by staff at Fandom. I am glad that you enjoyed the Lathander one, but many of their videos were full of inaccuracies and used completely unrelated art, so most of us here were not happy with them at the time, and several were removed at our request. When we offered to help improve them, nothing really came of it. Then, Fandom cancelled the program altogether. In fact, the videos do not even appear to registered users at all! So I cannot see the Lathander video, even if I wanted to at this point, oddly enough.

If they were still doing the videos, I would be delighted to make use of your offer! Then, we could have videos that had accurate lore and good quality and followed our policies. But, as it is, the current videos are all that Fandom ever plans to do from this point on.

~ Lhynard (talk) 21:08, 13 January 2021 (UTC)

Oh, I see. Well, damn. If there ever is a project of the like that you hear about, I would be happy to assist. You can contact me at my discord: Youglass#6947

Have a great day or evening :)