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Welcome to The Helping Hand Inn, lads (gods, I hope I remembered the name right...).

I've taken the liberty of creating this little nifty forum, cause this is one of the best community-building features on Wikia... And 'cause I wanted to discuss a few issues. :P

The name was just the first FR tavern/inn that popped into my head (didn't have time to look through sourcebooks for something more fancy), so we might change it if somebody has a better idea. Doesn't even have to be a tavern, but it sorta fits, doesn't it?

In any case... Enjoy! I'll post the first real thread tomorrow.

Your friendly innkeeper,


P.S. Would be nice if we could add a link to this somewhere in the Community Portal and/or MediaWiki:Sidebar.

Cool feature, never knew about it :) Zerak talk 15:47, 5 February 2007 (UTC)
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