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Just to make you guys aware, we've been getting a lot of images being uploaded by newcomers who aren't aware that they shouldn't be uploading images without first giving a source and using a copyright tag.

This is because the information, clearly displayed at Special:Upload, is bypassed by Wikia's image upload widgets, which don't prompt the user to do anything further than simply uploading a file.

I see that over on Wookiepedia, they have made a change which means that the 'Add an Image' button in the right sidebar actually links to Special:Upload, whereas on our wiki it just pops up a useless box. I can't figure out how they have done this. If anyone can figure this out, let's do it their way instead.

I have submitted a bug report to Wikia to the effect that they are effectively making it too easy for people to upload copyrighted materials. Hopefully they will offer us some assistance.

As a side note to this, on the old style wiki, we had a prominent notice next to the 'save' button on each edit page to say that unsourced additions were subject to being reverted at any time. Again, this is something Wikia have removed, and it is causing us issues. I feel the image issue is more pressing, but it's probably worth pursuing this one too.

Fw190a8 22:46, January 17, 2012 (UTC)
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