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Fossergrims were solitary fey that were mystically bound to waterfalls.[1]


Fossergrims resembled handsome human males with long white hair, blue-tinged white beards, and piercing blue eyes. They typically wore beautiful, fine-quality chain mail, and weapons, and nice clothing and exquisite silver jewelry.[1]


Fossergrims were reclusive fey, each bound to a waterfall in the same way as a dryad was bound to a tree. They would not bother people who came to their waterfall to simply bathe or drink; however, fossergrims were merciless in fighting people who polluted their waterfall or dammed the river that fed it.[1]

Fossergrims were willing to speak with and even assist other creatures, so long as those other creatures were polite and did nothing to harm the waterfall.[1]


Being bound to their waterfall, fossergrim were unable to go more than 1,000 ft (300 m) from them; doing so resulted in them falling ill and dying within 24 hours. Whenever a fossergrim's waterfall froze during the winter they entered a deep torpor. However, they remained aware of their surroundings during this time and would awaken to protect the waterfall if necessary. [1]


Fossergrim possessed several magical abilities, some of which only worked while they were in their waterfall or the waterfall's splash zone. For instance, they were difficult to see and target while within the waterfall, and while fighting an opponent within the waterfall they always had the advantage. While within the waterfall or the splash zone, fossergrim healed remarkably fast and were resistant to spells. They had low-light vision.[1]

Fossergrim were aquatic fey that swam as easily as they walked.[1]


Fossergrim were typically known to fight with longspears and longbows.[1]


Fossergrim were solitary fey with a neutral outlook on life.[1]


Although fossergrim had no need for shelter, they would create comfortable, well-appointed lairs in the caves behind their waterfall.[1]


As of the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR, fossergrims were known to live in the upper cascades of the River Lundeth in the Hazur Mountains on the Chultan Peninsula.[4]

Rumors & Legends[]

Some legends spoke of fossergrim seducing young maidens who came to bathe or wash clothing by their waterfall. The mating of a human and fossergrim, in the legends, always produced another fossergrim, who appeared as a normal human until reaching adulthood, at which time they sought out a waterfall of their own.[1]


  • Fossergrim could be summoned by spellcasters using the spell summon nature's ally V.[1]


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