Foulwings were huge, monstrous aberrations.[1]


They were very large with black, leathery wings, toad-like bodies, and horse-like heads. Their skin was black and covered in "horn-shaped, wriggling skin growths." They were clumsy fliers. Their most distinctive feature was their three jaws filled with razor-sharp teeth and centered around a single snout. Their eyes glowed red in infravision.[2]


Foulwings were generally considered lazy. They were carnivorous, preferring to feed on carrion, though they hunted live prey and sometimes kept creatures captive for food. They often lived alone, but occasionally they could be found in flocks of up to four creatures. Foulwings sometimes mated with wyverns, creating a foulvern.[2]

Foulwings communicated with each other through animal-like grunts and calls.[1]


Foulwings preferred to use their weight to pin prey or enemies under their bodies. They had the ability to breathe out ammonia, causing irritation to the eyes and nose of their targets. They used their sharp teeth to pierce the flesh of a target and suck its blood.[2]



Foulwings were believed to have originated on a different plane, but it was not known which plane. They could be found in any environment,[2] but were found most frequently in the Underdark.[3]


Foulwings were sometimes used as mounts for evil humanoids, such as drow.[1] Foulwings guarded House Mizzrym in Menzoberranzan. Some of the house's members, including Pharaun Mizzrym, were able to ride them.[4]

Foulwing flesh was unappetizing as meat, but their saliva and blood made a good caustic cleaner for metal items.[2]

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