The Founder was a female Red Wizard of Thay.


She was the lover of the Chosen of Myrkul, Akachi. However, she was Faithless and one day she died as a result of accidental spell backfire and was condemned to the Wall of the Faithless. Akachi was distraught over her fate and went so far as to turn against his faith and god and led a crusade to save her. In the end, Akachi was captured and punished by Myrkul but not before he saved the Founder from the Wall.

Thus it was now the Founder who needed a plan to save her lover from the wrath of Myrkul. She founded the Academy of Shapers and Binders in Thaymount, hence her title. The Founder created Nefris, Lienna, and Safiya from fragments of her own soul in order to attract the Kalach-Cha to Rashemen in order to save Akachi.

However, she permitted Akachi's brother Araman to enter the academy, unaware that he was under a geas by Myrkul to destroy her. Araman led a coup in the academy and captured the Founder but, before he could kill her, the Kalach-Cha arrived and saved her.

The Founder admitted to being guilty of all the crimes she had committed against the Kalach-Cha and presented him with a fully restored Silver Sword of Gith, stating that the only way the Kalach-Cha could restore themself, and Akachi, was to enter the Betrayer's Gate and launch a third crusade to assault the Wall of the Faithless.


The Kalach-Cha could choose to spare the Founder's life or kill her.[1]



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