The Four were a quartet of adventurers from Waterdeep. They were infamous for their assassinations and other violent mercenary tactics. All four were human males.[1]


Around 1357 DR, the organization was exiled from Waterdeep by Khelben Arunsun and ordered not to return on pain of death for assassinating nobles at the behest of other rival nobles. The Four operated throughout the North and Tethyr but were not welcome in Cormyr and Amn.[1] They were also banned from entering Shadowdale and other places.[2]

Late in 1357 DR, they arrived in Tethyr and fought a local usurper, defeated him within three months, and claimed his manor for themselves. They were run out five years later by the Order of the Silver Chalice and fled into the ruins of Shoonach, reappearing in Myratma in 1365 DR. There they were employed by Aluk Aldhanek, wizard-advisor to the pretender to the throne Yusuf Jhannivvar. As allies of Yusuf, the Four assassinated nearly the entire ruling council of Myratma with the exception of Reshtiva Gullifort, who escaped south to Calimshan.[2]

Two weeks after the siege on Myratma and the death of Yusuf in 1369 DR, the Four were found hiding in the Purple Hills and captured by halfling sheriffs. Three of them were hanged for their crimes including murder and the torture of prisoners during the siege, but Baerduin Thask managed to escape by leaping off the seaside cliffs overlooking the ruins of Ithalyr. Not even the sea elves ever found his body and his fate remains unknown.[2]


The Four were experts in the unseen or "accidental" death, and were known to kill former employers who knew too much about them.[1] During the siege on Myratma they used fireball spells and poisoned arrows to slay hundreds of troops.[2]




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