The Four Dolphins Fountain was a beautifully crafted fountain, surrounded by a courtyard in the docks district of Scardale Town[1] that was a noted meeting point for travelers and the townsfolk of Scardale.[2]


The fountain was constructed in the 12th century DR and held a unique magical enchantment. The fountain would block any scrying or other means of eavesdropping within the surrounding courtyard.[2] It survived the town's numerous turmoils, including the second inter-dale war, the foreign occupation, and even the Shaking Plague.[1]

Due to the beauty of the fountain's craftsmanship, the fountain was beloved for being a landmark of calm and tranquility amid the city's chaos and lawlessness. It was also extremely valued by criminals and other ne'er-do-wells who wanted complete and secure privacy in their discussions.[1] It was a prominent meeting place for the Red Wizards operating from their enclave in the city, who hoped to give the impression the Dalesfolk could shop for magical items without being spied upon.[3]