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Four from Cormyr is a 2nd-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure module for the Forgotten Realms.

The kingdom of Cormyr is a land of law and order, a country populated by citizens who live good lives and treat their neighbors well. If you think these characteristics make Cormyr an unexciting and uninviting place... think again.

Despite the ever-present Purple Dragon soldiers and War Wizards who are charged with keeping the kingdom safe from treachery and greed, Cormyr is a place where evil lurks in countless nooks and crannies, where opportunities for heroic adventurers to do good for themselves and for all of Cormyr are as abundant as the dents on a dwarf's helmet.

Four from Cormyr is a quartet of adventures that can be played individually or as a series. By the time they have experienced all that lies within this 128-page book, ranging from a grand soiree at the home of a noble to a chilling expedition into the Vast Swamp, player characters will know more about this challenging land than they ever thought they would need to know—and even if they succeed in countering all the threats they will face, they'll find that the conclusion to each adventure opens a new vista of possibilities for continuing danger and intrigue.

Suitable for six to eight characters of levels 9–12.


Four from Cormyr is set in Cormyr. It consists of four loosely-connected adventures that take place across the realm, with the unifying thread of the titular Four from Cormyr, a collection of powerful magical items tied to Cormyr's history.


Cormyr? Please, I'm not interested in such a place. Who wants, or needs, a place that has been so tamed by good agents of law? Really, now, they've driven out all of the elements that made life so interesting, and replaced them with a pack of boring, predictable, and yes, arrogant and self-righteous, cattle. Give me someplace where I can be free to be who I am, and life has some of that delicious uncertainty that makes it worth living.
— Mendryll Belarod, bard extraordinaire[1]
Anyone who thinks that Cormyr no longer has any challenges left either is a fool or has not looked hard enough. Perhaps both.

The introduction to Four from Cormyr is The Border Crossing, a short encounter at a Purple Dragons outpost on the border of Cormyr. No dramatic events take place, rather it is a means for players and their characters to become familiarized with the laws and customs of Cormyr in preparation of future adventures.

The Bibliophile starts place in Arabel, and revolves around a scheme by the Puppetmasters adventuring company as they trick the player characters into clearing out Barrenstone, the home of the lich Adzerak, so that they can in turn rob them and loot the dungeon themselves. During this delve, the player characters recover Deathsend of the Four from Cormyr, and send Adzerak to his final rest with Deneir.

In Murder Most Magical, the player characters are invited to a party hosted by Lord Partic Thistle at Thistleflame Keep in Suzail, which is spoiled by a plot by the Emerald Swords adventuring company to kidnap the Lord. Their plan quickly falls to pieces and a dead doppelganger in the form of Lord Thistle is found, prompting a murder investigation by the Purple Dragons commander Aleka Ravenheart. The player characters must interrogate a vast cast of dysfunctional and eccentric house servants, adventurers, and anyone else who happens to be in the area. After the player characters discern the Emerald Swords' involvement, Lord Thistle is rescued and awards them the Seal of Iron.

Bad Neighbor Policy starts in Suzail, with the player characters hired to find a suspected rogue adventuring party, the Wolfmasters. This pursuit takes them past the vampire-haunted Journey's Rest inn, through the frontier town of Thunderstone, and into the treacherous Vast Swamp, culminating at the ruins of Orvaskyte Keep. Finding the Wolfmasters all dead (a fine excuse for late payment), the party travels deeper into the ruins. Along the way they discover the Fireblood gem, but must contend with a rampaging cornugon, rival adventurers, a territorial black dragon, and the horrors of the swamp. A side adventure has the player characters track down a group of hobgoblins that have set up a copper mine in the Hullack Forest, using slave labor to harvest the ore.

Redemption has the player characters trek across the Stonelands and face down Lord Vorik Aris, a supporter of the false king Gondegal. Using Halfhap as a base, the player characters investigate the destruction left behind by Gondegal's war of 15 years ago. In the process, they discover the bastard sword Silveredge and reassemble the Four from Cormyr, end a divine curse, and release the trapped ghosts of Purple Dragons and citizens of Darkenshield who fell long ago.


  • Introduction
  • The Border Crossing
  • The Bibliophile
  • Murder Most Magical
  • Bad Neighbor Policy
  • Redemption
  • Magical Items
  • Random Encounter Tables



Adrienne StillwaterAdris ColebriarAdzerakAlanis DirgesongAlanis FlamehairAlasalynn RowanmantleAleka RavenheartAlexi DauntinghornAlise CormaerilAmarsa BlethAngar the BattleloverAngryn EversheldAnnaliseArpeggi TrillAzoun Obarskyr IVAzreena IronoathBarrit CormaerilBartek AlforaelBecket and TramBerke GlorataBillyup BlackneeBoffo Arglebargle Cosgrove Bullwubble IIBoldric BlackneeBoneblasterBorin WoodbracerBoris ElberwelterBrandy FumblebuckleBreena BlackneeBrennaBrianna TarvisonBroonella BlackneeBrukBuzzrip BlackneeCarynClever JakeCoraCrystynDamaris RowanmantleDangus BarrowfoldDeenaDendir AbbathorsonDensil WizardfoeDerdek DeepingdellDomDonzo ShadowkisserDorennDwakElvin ElminsterFaril LaheralsonFloryn SpellshatterFrefford WyvernspurGamaraGandegar ArmstrongGarit StrongarmGaylyn WyvernspurGoliasGram (handyman)GribbergrashGruen BlethGugak ThulHakaakatarHaridyn StormHaverish HallefonHeatherHurm ThiodorIdalia GolddustIona WaukeenservantJacer Wind-dancerJerit GondasonJoelemJonrenKaleb FleetwingKalor OvrabekKalrisKassandre MalariKenhartKerit DarkriderKrell HuntcrownLarabyLarwynLorelei GravesowerLouella BonecrackerMac and ZacMad BerfyMagurkMaldaMarisMendryll BelarodMerialeth LoriamanthorMirande PalemedesMoriaMoorefieldNodricNora and DoraNorrin BlackgroveOghalisOhrmatha HuntcrownOleg One-EarOlin FoolsgoldOznod BrekkerPahelhe FirecasterParamyr BladerunnerPartic ThistlePerrin ClovenshieldPortis AlvermantlePyrra FlamedancerRaewynRanni StalkersdaughterRatakosRaynaar MarliirRhyn MournsoulRoyappaRuben Armand St. James IIRyannaSaerlia AshleySalbaril FortunatoSaraShadowdeathShanna of the RideStelwyn RusslewoodStigStoanTamiTanatha (priestess)Tasha ElberwelterTerese MarliirTiztorTobias QuerlTorvis MullTravis OrmasterTremayne DauntinghornTroyappaVangerdahastVorik ArisWalpurWangle TowerstruckWaylan EmmaraskWinaneh MarlowsonXixisXorn HackhandZara EmmaraskZeranZurk the Looney
Referenced only
AlaphondarAlusair ObarskyrBarritBhereu AmmaethFilfaeril ObarskyrGondegalMelkerechOrgauthSthavarTanalasta ObarskyrThomdor AmmaethUryiax


beholder (corpse) • black dragoncornugondoppelgangerdryadfire giantgargoyleghoulgiant sluggorgimeraharpyhippogriffhorseimpkoboldlarvaelichlurkerminotaurmottled wormnabassuogreorogperniconpoltergeistrakshasaroperrot grubshadow dragonskeletonsnakespectatorspiderspirit nagastone guardiantreantumber hulkvampirewightwraithwyvern
Referenced only
bullcatdrowleechmosquitoravenred dragonwill-o'-wisp


Stag Skull Bridge
Businesses & Shops
Merry's Mounts and MoreOne-Armed Magurk'sShort and Tall SuppliesWangle's Livery
Doffed Cloak
Border Outpost (Cormyr)Thistleflame KeepWyvernwatch Castle
Bear's DenBlacknee's HalfhappenstanceBubbling BulwarkJourney's RestMarching MyrmidonSign of ThunderNine FiresWhispering Witch
Bubbling BulwarkDragons' DenEversheld's EmbersFurniture's FateWink and Kiss (Arabel)
BarrenstoneDarkenshieldOrvaskyte KeepSafe HavenTower of Ruin
Temples & Shrines
GloryhallHouse of DutyLodge of LuckShrine of Tempus (Thunderstone)
AssemblyKelemvor's GardenRoyal CourtThunder Stone
Hullack ForestStonelandsVast Swamp
Hullack TrailMoonsea RideStonebolt Trail
Referenced only
Aris CastleDaerlunZhentil Keep


Armor & Clothing
armor of blendingbelt of defensebelt of protectionboots of elvenkindboots of speedboots of varied tracksbracers of defensebracers of defensecloak of displacementcloak of feather fallingcloak of protectiongauntlets of ogre powergirdle of hill giant strengthgirdle of storm giant strengthheadband of protectionhelm of brilliancehelm of comprehending languages and reading magicrobe of the archmagirobe of starsrobe of useful itemswar wizard cloak
bag of holdingbag of tricksBook of Exalted DeedsBucknard's everfull pursecandle of invocationcarpet of flyingdust of disappearanceFigurine of wondrous power (ivory goat, onyx dog)FirebloodFour from Cormyr (item set)gem of brightnessgem of seeingharp of charmingioun stonekeychain of domestic proprietylibram of gainful conjurationmanual of bodily healthmanual of gainful exercisemanual of golemsmanual of puissant skill at armsmanual of quickness of actionmanual of stealthy pilferingMurlynd's spoonNefradina's identifierQuaal's feather tokenrope of climbingshroud of resurrectiontome of clear thoughttome of leadership and influencetome of understanding
amulet of nondetectionamulet versus undeadbrooch of shieldingHarper pinnecklace of memory enhancementnecklace of missilesperiapt of healthphylactery of long yearsPurple Dragon ringring of blinkingring of elemental commandring of fire resistancering of form retentionring of free actionring of human influencering of invisibilityring of mind shieldingring of protectionring of regenerationring of spell turningring of truthring of undead commandring of warmthring of water walkingring of wizardryscarab of deathtalisman of know alignmenttalisman of ZagySeal of Irontorc of protection
healing potionholy waterKeoghtom's ointmentpotion of fire resistancepotion of hill giant strengthpotion of longevitypotion of plant controlpotion of speedpotion of sweet waterpotion of undead control (ghoul, skeleton, wight, zombie)unholy water
chaos shieldcontinual lightdancing lightsexplosive runesfireballsymbolride the windwizard sight
dagger of venomDeathsenddefenderflame tonguegiant slayerholy avengerImp (sword)mace of disruptionrod of resurrectionrod of smitingsword of quicknessSilveredgestaff of curingstaff of strikingstaff of the magistaff of thunder and lightningvorpalwand of enemy detectionwand of firewand of illusionwand of lightningwand of magic missileswand of secret door and trap locationwand of wonder


HarpersCormyr (Purple DragonsStarburst SwordsWar Wizards) • Twilight BrigadeZhentarim
Adventuring bands
Company of NightEmerald SwordsGold CoinsGolden GauntletsGrand FistMagebanesPuppetmastersRuby BladesShe-WolvesStag RunnersWarhawksWolfmasters
Referenced only
Company of the Red RavenOrder of the HammerOrder of the Silent Sisters
Mercantile Groups
Dragoneye Dealing CosterSeven Suns Trading CosterSix Coffers Trading CosterTrueshield Trading Priakos


Armor & Clothing
banded mailbodicebreastplatechain mailjerkinleather armorplate armorscale mailsignet ringsplint armortunic
A Dissertation of Law and Morality as Seen by Tyr's ChurchCalimshan on Three Gold Pieces a DayCheating Death by Spell and IncantationElminster: An Unauthorized BiographyShocking Tales of Elven DesireThe Deneirian CodexThe History of the ThistlesThe Lifecycle Arcane
golden liontrade bar
Food & Drinks
almondapplesaucebiscuitmushroomboarbreadChauntea's platechocolatecinnamoncreamegggreen beanhamliver patémoussemuttonparsleypartridgepotatosausagevinegar
alebeerbrandycoffeemeadpink claretSuzaleteawine (Blood Wine)
black opaldiamondemeraldfire opalpearlrubysapphire
beakerbellblanketbookbraziercandlechamber potcofferdiceharnesslantern (bullseye lanternhooded lantern) • lockmanacles (shackles)mapmirrormoldmusic boxpickpulleyquillsaddlesheet musicshovelsoapstrongboxtarpaulintinderboxtongstorchvialwhistle
arrow (arrow, flightarrow, sheaf) • bastard swordbroad swordclubcrossbowdaggerhalberdhand axelong swordlongbowmace (footman's macehorseman's mace) • military pickquarterstaffrapierscimitarshort swordshortbowspeartwo-handed swordwarhammer
Referenced only



  • Design: John Terra
  • Development and Editing: Kim Mohan
  • Project Coordinator: Thomas M. Reid
  • Cover Illustration: Ciruelo Cabral
  • Interior Illustrations: Ned Dameron
  • Cartography: David C. Sutherland III
  • Typesetting: Tracey L. Isler
  • Graphic Design: Dee Barnett and Don Danowski
  • Electronic Prepress Coordination: Dave Conant
  • Special Thanks: Ed Greenwood, Steven Schend, Thomas Reid


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  1. The exact date is not mentioned, but multiple references are made to Gondegal's rebellion being at least fifteen years ago, placing it in 1367 DR onward. Explicit references are also made to Lord Orgauth and his rebuilding of Zhentil Keep, which would place it in 1369 DR at the earliest. 1369 DR is also consistent with other products published at this time.
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