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Four from Cormyr is an adventure module for the 2nd edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons set in Cormyr.

The kingdom of Cormyr is a land of law and order, a country populated by citizens who live good lives and treat their neighbors well. If you think these characteristics make Cormyr an unexciting and uninviting place... think again.

Despite the ever-present Purple Dragon soldiers and War Wizards who are charged with keeping the kingdom safe from treachery and greed, Cormyr is a place where evil lurks in countless nooks and crannies, where opportunities for heroic adventurers to do good for themselves and for all of Cormyr are as abundant as the dents on a dwarf's helmet.

Four from Cormyr is a quartet of adventures that can be played individually or as a series. By the time they have experienced all that lies within this 128-page book, ranging from a grand soiree at the home of a noble to a chilling expedition into the Vast Swamp, player characters will know more about this challenging land than they ever thought they would need to know—and even if they succeed in countering all the threats they will face, they'll find that the conclusion to each adventure opens a new vista of possibilities for continuing danger and intrigue.

Suitable for six to eight characters of levels 9–12.



Tasha Elberwelter


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CormyrVast Swamp



  1. Gondegal's rebellion took place in 1352 DR (p. 96), which is described as "fifteen years ago" (p. 110).