The Fox-at-Twilight, born Ilira[3], was a moon elf swashbuckler and con artist. Known by Light by her friends, she was a rather enigmatic figure at best.[2]


She was often described as having an athletic build, She was slight and lithe to the point of sensuality, with a distinctly elven allure. Hers was not a forgettable face or frame [4].

Twilight had pale skin and raven blue-black hair that she usually wore in a tail to the small of her back. The color of her eyes depended upon the light and her mood but were often described as pale. She had alabaster skin and delicate features.[5]

She wore several earrings and has at least two tattoos: a gold, eight-pointed, asymmetrical star on her lower back, the holy symbol of Erevan Ilesere, which has been known to shock at a touch[6], as well as a small black-and-silver fox tattooed on her lower belly.[7]

Twilight acquired a spellscar at some point during the Spellplague.

As of the late 15th century DR, Twilight's appearance changed slightly, as she had solid gold eyes like those of a wolf. By that time she had Gargan's name tattooed across her breastbone.[8] She was said to wear only black in mourning for a lost love, though she denied this was the case.[9]


Fox-at-Twilight was not like other elven women. Her atypical lustful nature often attracted both elven and human men alike.[citation needed]


Her favored garments seemed to be black breeches, a billowy white blouse, vest, a single scarlet fencer's glove and a matching half-cape [2]. She also carried a particularly short rapier called Neveren's Betrayal, which was fashioned of Hizaghuur metal.[1] In addition, Twilight was never found without Erevan's shroud, which was a star-sapphire amulet that could hide her from scrying.[1] She had some sort of fixation on the device and feared being 'visible' without it in her possession.[10]


Twilight fought by utilizing trickery as much as she did with her blade. She often lured her opponents into underestimating her by means of guile or plying her considerable charm to get what she wanted. Fox-at-Twilight was an accomplished duelist, extremely agile, and was trained as a divine seeker and a shadowdancer.[1]


Twilight was the sometime lover of Yldar Nathalan despite having constant bitter struggles with his sister Cythara, that ultimately ended in the death of the latter. Cythara's daughter, the fey'ri warlock Fayne, had trained herself to exact revenge on Twilight.[11]

Twilight became a close companion to Gargan Vathkelke, the goliath ranger who helped her escape the Depths of Madness. In the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, Gargan manifested as a tattoo of his name across Twilight's breastbone. Twilight's sentient shadow formed in a shape similar to this, though the exact reasoning to this was a mystery.[citation needed]

Also that year, Twilight took the name of "Lady Ilira" and formed a close relationship with the Sune priestess Lorien. While the relationship was rumored to be one of a romantic nature, Lorien denied this fact.

Two men named Neveren and Lilten each claimed a connection to Twilight, one of whom claimed to be her patron and father, though the true nature of their respective relationships was unknown.


In the Year of the Helm, 1362 DR Fox-at-Twilight helped the sun elf Yldar Nathalan and his sister Cythara in their quest for Ynloeth's Bracer, a powerful elven relic. Twilight proved herself to be far from trustworthy or dependable, and vanished rather than allow Yldar to grow close to her. However, she left him the bracer as a token of their time together. She tended to follow this pattern throughout her adventuring career: using deception to throw potential romantic interests off track and thus avoid intimacy.[2]

In the Year of Risen Elfkin, 1375 DR, Twilight and a number of disparate adventurers were trapped in a dungeon controlled by a mad priest of Demogorgon named Gestal. While she demonstrated her speed, physical prowess, and shadowdancing abilities, Twilight was almost driven insane by the machinations of her tormentor. Only the timely intervention of Erevan Ilesere spared her, though this may have been just been a hallucination on the part of Twilight. She escaped from the Depths of Madness, along with the goliath Gargan Vathkelke.[12]

By the late 15th century DR, Twilight was living in the bustling city of Waterdeep. She disguised herself as a silk merchant and fashion queen called "Lady Ilira Nathalan", using both her real name the surname of her deceased love. She was framed for the murder of her best friend and Sunite priestess Lorien, but quickly fled the scene and sought out her revenge.


Twilight had made a variety of outrageous claims about her past, including being a former lover of her divine patron, Erevan Ilesere.[2]

It was speculated that due to the color of her eyes, Twilight was an agent of the Shadovar as well as a possible assassin working for the shades of returned Netheril.

There were rumors that the Silver Fox series of chapbooks were written as an account of Twilight's adventuring career. The most recent volume, Fox and the Blue Fire ostensibly described her life during the time of the Spellplague.[13]



  1. Ilira's creator, Erik Scott de Bie, has stated that she was born in the same year as Drizzt Do'Urden


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