Foxe was a priest of Deneir at the temple of Deneir in the city of Procampur in the Vast in the early 1360s DR.


Foxe was appointed as secretary and aide to the lama Koja of Khazari while he was a guest at the temple. In the Year of the Helm, 1362 DR, he helped him with the writing of A History of the Tuigan, negotiated with Forgemaster Inkstain for its printing, and kept his appointments with people such as Duke Jozul Piniago. During their time together, Foxe developed an interest in Koja's faith and learning inner harmony, but was not very good at it. He also had trouble understanding Koja's desire to have his book mass-published.

When Koja decided to travel to Waterdeep, he invited Foxe to accompany him.


Foxe was the eldest in his family. The lama Koja of Khazari could not pronounce his family name, and so called him "Firstborn Foxe" in honor of this position.


He was a portly man.[1]


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