Foxilon Cardluck, better known as Foxy, was a crew-member of the Halruaan caravel Realms Master in 1370 DR.[1]


Foxy was born in Luiren but soon left in search of adventures with some halfling companions. However, Foxy and his fellows were tricked by Joribel into becoming addicted to a narcotic substance known as cheeeese. So they became Joribel's pawns—stealing, raiding and even killing for a piece of cheeeese. However, when a bully took Foxy's cheeeese, Foxy briefly regained lucidity, managing to escape together with a halfling girl.

In their escape, they met Dwalimar Omen and Minder. Foxy explained his situation and Omen destroyed Joribel. Afterward the wizard trained Foxy in stealing magical items. When Omen launched the Realms Master, Foxy became his first mate.[1]


Foxy was a buoyant and charming individual. He was protective of his crew members and considered it his mission to keep their spirits up. Foxy was friendly and liked almost all people but was not naive. Sometimes he still felt a craving for cheeeese but resisted the temptation.[1]



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