The Free Dragon was a magical ship owned by Captain Ghedrinn Lassan, a pirate from Lylorn, one of the Dusk Ports of Laerakond, in the late years of the 15th century DR.[1]


The Free Dragon was under the effects of a silence spell, allowing it to move without making any kind of noise, even in highly populated waters. Other enchantments allowed the vessel to create a dense fog around it for cover, to teleport across short distances, and even to phase through physical objects.[1]


The Free Dragon was a magical vessel, created for Baranaar Lassan,[2] Ghedrinn's father, by a powerful wizard around 1440 DR, giving it its magical properties.[1]

Ghedrinn's father used the Free Dragon as the base of operations for a group of dragonborn freedom fighters that opposed the green dragon Orlarrakh, until he was killed in 1467 DR.[2][1] Ghedrinn inherited the Free Dragon, and shortly thereafter became a pirate to avenge the death of his father.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Some believed the soul of the wizard who made the Free Dragon was bound to the ship, granting it its magical abilities.[1]



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