The two deities who hold influence over the freedom domain are Ilmater and Mielikki. Ilmater's primary mission is to keep others from feeling the weight of hardship, pain and being controlled against ones wish. The freedom the crying god grants comes from his own suffering. Mielikki believes that freedom is a natural state, and that just as the animals of the forest, who are free to roam how ever they will, so should people be.[1]




Any divine caster that worships a deity who claims the freedom domain may choose to channel the deities powers within the domain. When the caster chooses this domain, she will become more acrobatic and gain the ability to use path of freedom. When she uses a power that is associated the domain that hits an enemy, she or an ally near her will, for a short time, become more protected against magic and poison.

The powers of the freedom Domain include:




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