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The freedom domain was a deity domain associated with the right to act as one wanted and to be free from imprisonment.[1]


The deities who held influence over the freedom domain were Ilmater, Sehanine Moonbow, and Mielikki. Ilmater's goal was to keep others from feeling the weight of destitution, pain and being controlled against their wishes. The freedom the Crying God granted came from his own suffering. Mielikki believed that freedom was natural, like the freedom exhibited by animals that roamed through forests. Sehanine believed that mortals should simply do what they felt was right for them.[1]


Any divine caster that worshiped a deity who claimed the freedom domain may have chosen to channel the deity's powers. When the caster chose this domain, they came more acrobatic and gained the ability to use path of freedom. When they used a power that hit an enemy, they or their ally will, for a short time, become more protected against magic and poison.[2]

The powers granted to those who chose the freedom domain included holy strike, leading strike, righteous brand, and vanguard's lightning.[2]




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