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A frenzy dog was a magical transformation of almost any other animal, created by the special create frenzy dog spell used by the druids of the Chondalwood to protect their environment. The spell that created these creatures was barely known outside this forest, and the druids used it sparingly, creating a pack of only around a dozen frenzy dogs at one time, wary of their ability to ruin forest environments if left unchecked. A frenzy dog gained a certain amount of magical intelligence, but only enough for hunting.[1]


The frenzy dog was around 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall at the shoulder and had a black coat with tan and white swirls. It had a face similar to a pit bull. It had a protrusion of 7" (18 cm) bony spikes from its neck that had the appearance of a spiked collar.[1]


A frenzy dog ate three times the amount that a normal dog of the same size would eat. They would eat any type of animal flesh.[1]


In combat, the frenzy dog attacked without fear and attempted to rip its victims apart (although not necessarily to eat). It had the ability to go into a rage which would grant immunity against a druid's empathy with wild animals or an animal handler's skills. It could trip humanoids and other bipeds, and it was hard to grapple because of the spikes around its neck.[1]


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