The Friendly Arm was a walled hamlet on the Coast Way between Baldur's Gate and the town of Beregost.[1]


The most prominent building around the hamlet was the stone keep which housed the titular inn, which was run by Bentley Mirrorshade. This establishment was a popular stop for people traveling on the Coast Road.[1]

Apart from the inn, the wall surrounded a temple, a handful of houses, a stables and accompanying horse pond.[1]


At the Friendly Arm, peace was secured by the guards, who insisted that all weapons be left at the gate and that all wizards and clerics tie one thumb to their belts, a practice that spilled over to fighting monks as well.[citation needed]


The keep was once the stronghold of an evil cleric of Bhaal, but Bentley, Gellane and the rest of their adventuring party cleaned out the keep and renovated it.[1][2]

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Friendly Arm Inn[note 1]
The patrons of the Friendly Arm Inn maintained an atmosphere that set it apart from other locales in the Realms. It was a true safe haven for all those that stayed within its walls. The rooms were airy, the food was good, and everything was clean.[1]
Temple of Wisdom
Also known as the Shrine of the Short, this house of worship was dedicated to the gnomish god Garl Glittergold. It was a low building with its interior walls decorated with gems and gold nuggets.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

The barmaids were rumored to be iron golems camouflaged as women by illusory means.[1]



  1. In the Baldur's Gate novel, the inn was consistently and incorrectly referred to as the "Friendly Arms" inn.


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