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Frost fingers was a divine spell given to specialty priests of Auril. This spell produced a fan of freezing cold and ice analogous to the burning hands spell.[3] There was an arcane version of this spell that had a narrower field but greater range than the divine version.[2]


The divine version of this spell produced shooting shards of ice and bone-chilling cold from the outstretched fingers of the caster. The frigid fan cut through one third of the circle surrounding the caster out to a distance of three feet (almost a meter). Anyone caught in the arc of effect was pelted with sharp shards of ice and exposed to freezing temperatures. If the victim (or items) managed to resist the magic of this spell, the effect was only half as harsh. Higher ranks of priests could inflict progressively more damage with this spell.[3]

Early reports of the arcane version were identical to the divine version.[4] More recent reports described the spell with only half the field (a 60 degree arc instead of 120 degrees) but the icy blast extended out for 15 ft (4.6 m) from the caster's fingertips.[2]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[3][2][4]


The arcane version of this spell was found in a holy book of Auril known as The Codicil of White. Wizards could use the Codicil as a spellbook to learn this and the other spells it contained.[4] Sorcerers could not use the book, but could learn the spell through independent research or from a written copy of the spell.[2]

The divine version was available to icepriests and icepriestesses of Auril through prayer, and was limited to one use per day.[3]


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