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The frost folk, also known as frost men,[2] were a race of humans that long ago struck a bargain with a cold power.[1]

Physical characteristics[]

Frost folk had the height and weight of typical humans.[1] They often had bright blue eyes, pale, snowy skin, and blond hair so pale as to be almost white.[3] A noticeable chill surrounded them.[1]


Frost folk were immune to the effects of cold. They had darkvision and innate snowsight. From their left eye frost folk could produce a cone of icy mist to blast the area in front of them.[1]


Frost folk were originally humans from Sossal[4] (and were thus said to be distant relations of the modern Sossrim[3]) and traced their origin to the war between Raumathar and Narfell. Many from Sossal allied themselves with the Raumathari and sought power from the "cold outer darkness" (i.e., ice devils), and so the frost folk were born.[4]


Frost folk often raided to the far south in dark, cold winters and took plunder and captives.[4] They were disciplined fighters with a keen sense of tactics. They enjoyed bloody slaughter and often set ambushes.[1]

As a culture centered on hunting the frost folk often wore the stitched together furs of beasts, such as arctic foxes and bears. A few of them were known to wear helmets fashioned from the skulls of bears, wolves, and wolverines.[1]


Frost folk were known as Siksin Neneweth to the Vil Adanrath, Aikulen Jain to the Damarans, and Shen Ghel to the Tuigan.[5]


Frost folk were found in the northern Hordelands[5] and dwelt farther north in the endless ice.[4] They also appeared further westwards, sharing hunting grounds with the Ice Hunters among the floes of the Sea of Moving Ice.[6]


The eye of a frost man could be mixed with the blood of a white dragon in a broth to enchant its tooth.[7]



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