Frost giants, called isejotunen in their own language,[1] were large giants that lived in caverns or castles in cold, mountainous environments.[2]


Almost always evil creatures, these giants stood 20' (6.4 m) tall and weighed around 2800 lbs (1270 kg). They had white skin and either blue or dirty yellow hair and wore skins or pelts, along with jewelry they owned. Their eye color usually matched their hair color.[2]


In combat, frost giants would hurl rocks and then close in with battleaxes. They were immune to cold, but particularly vulnerable to fire, and had low-light vision.[2] Their power visual senses extended into a higher end of the visible spectrum, allowing them to see more easily through snow and blizzards than other creatures.[3] They would take prisoners if possible.[2]


These giants lived up to 250 years in societies led by a "jarl" and often survived by means of hunts and raids, although they were not below trading if the need arose.[2] In frost giant society, the most important bond except that of the ordning was the family bond.[3] The ordning was determined by a combination of the individual's ability to wrestle and boast.[4] Communication in the community was through the use of speaking Jotunise and Jotun.[5]


"Jarl" was the title used to describe the leader of a frost giant community. They were usually the most powerful in their tribe and usually had the best equipment.[6]


A skald was a frost giant bard.[7]

Notable frost giants



Outside of the realms

A Frost giant longboat preparing to board a vessel.

Frost giants carry a lot of the stereotypic image of the vikings such as the horned helmet the axe and the icy and snowy plains. They are also stereotypically raiders and survive mostly on raiding. Some words are from nordic languages such as:
  • Jarl (Earl) is a person of the royal family during the viking era who was next to take the throne and there was only one who held the title.
  • Skald is bard or poet in old Nordic languages.[8]
  • Names like "Orelsdottr" are common Patronymic surnames that are used in Nordic countries this one means: "Daughter of Orel" or "Orel's Daughter".



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