Frost lizards were aggressive magical lizards that were a threat for caravans traveling through Icewind Dale and Spine of the World.[2]


Frost lizards where small 3‑foot-long (0.91‑meter) white creatures that could glide on snow and ice. Their scales' coloring made them almost invisible in snow as long as they remained still.[2]


Frost lizards laid hidden in the snow using their natural camouflage until they spotted their prey. They glided into attack using their breath weapon— spitting out ice balls at a 10‑foot (3‑meter) range. When they approached close enough to the prey, they swiped at it with their sharp claws.[2]


Frost lizards were aggressive hunters. They especially had a taste for the horses and oxen of the caravaneers moving through the lizards' hunting grounds.[2]


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