Frostwind viragos were rare fey who embodied the unforgiving cold of blizzards and the heart of winter.[1]


Frostwind viragos resembled female elves, and were about 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall and 90 pounds (41 kilograms) in weight. They always had pale skin, long hair that was blonde to white to color, and solid blue eyes.[1]


Frostwind viragos were cruel and cunning. They hated the fey of temperate and warm climates, and would kill such creatures slowly. They were also known to trick travelers, then kill them.[1]

Frostwind viragos could not feel love, but they sometimes felt desire. They were known to take humanoid lovers; the result of the short, tempestuous relationship was a frostwind virago child.[1]


Frostwind viragos were immune to all effects of the cold, for they themselves were so cold that even fire was not dangerous to them; only cold iron was. Frostwind viragos spoke several languages, including both the Common and Sylvan ones. They could see even in very dim light.[1]

Additionally, frostwind viragos had several natural magical abilities. The most dangerous was an aura, called by some sages a mind freeze aura, of cold that could daze or even stun other creatures; the aura could be suppressed by the frostwind virago at will. Additionally, the very touch of a frostwind virago could freeze both water and blood. They could also conjure a whirlwind, 30 feet (9.1 meters) in diameter, of ice shards around themselves for protection. The final ability frostwind viragos were known to have was siren-like: when the frostwind virago spoke and willed it so, she could charm creatures within 300 feet (91 meters) of her, compelling them to walk straight towards her.[1]

Frostwind viragos could naturally fly through their innate magic, and were also capable of swimming even in the coldest waters.[1]


Frostwind viragos always lived in cold climates, and were recorded to occur in both the Frozenfar and the Spine of the World. They preferred to live in mountains. Frostwind viragos fed on frozen meat, and ate ice and snow for water.[1]

Frostwind viragos were almost always solitary, but some set themselves up as rulers over stretches of frozen lands, ruling over other cold-dwelling creatures such as frost folk, who were known to revere the cold-hearted fey. Frostwind viragos were also known to dwell with frost giants as advisors to powerful chieftains.[1]

Frostwind viragos were also known to be servants of the goddess Auril.[1]


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