The Frozen Sea was one of the regions of Anauroch, the great desert of Faerûn, located on its western edge.[1]


The Frozen Sea was the part of Anauroch lying west of the High Ice. Here, where that massive glacier ended gave rise instead to the hard ground of frozen sand. The place was a maze of natural sand sculptures, shaped by the wind and frozen by the cold. The area was void of any water or ice.[1]

Flora & FaunaEdit

In springtime, life briefly appeared in the Frozen Sea, as low-growing ground plants briefly grew. During this time many varieties of birds would fly here to breed. Outside this narrow time, little life could be found here.[1]


Before the magical formation of Anauroch, the great Narrow Sea filled this region. When the waters left, the basin that remained behind became the Frozen Sea.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

The ruins of this dwarven port still contained ships of stone.[1]
This was one of the fallen cities of ancient Netheril.[1]
This was once a Netherese port on the edge of the Narrow Sea.[2]
A grand castle located on a rocky ridge that was the abode of Lady Saharel, High Mage of Netheril.[3]


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