Fulgath's Caravan Supplies was a large shop in Dagger Falls.[1]


The barnlike shop was a thick stone building with large twin doors.[1]


Fulgath's was arrayed with a medley of goods and service. Anything a travelling merchant need on the open road was available here from saddlery or wainwright services to tools or containers. However all these useful provisions were priced at roughly twice the typical cost elsewhere.[2]


The store was run by a cheerful yet shrewd rogue named Fulgath, who was known to "get his price, one way or another." He was able to back this up by the constant demand for wagon wheels, chests, horse harnesses and other goods that Fulgath provided.[1]


Around 1368 DR, Fulgath faced competition and caused his business to dabble in more shady deals.[1]


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