A fundamental was a tiny creature composed of pure elemental energy.[1][2]

I knew then that I had encountered what no man before me had – the purest form of elemental creature. Not an elemental, but something greater: a fundamental.
  — Revorus[1]


Elemental, paraelemental, quasielemental, archomental, fundamental – what's next, the berkamental?
  — Red Tavralani, failed comic[1]

Fundamentals appeared to be almost two-dimensional, as their bodies were so thin. They also represented their "element": fire fundamentals were covered in flames, whilst water fundamentals had an almost liquid form and glimmered like light on water.[1][2]


These creatures were semi-intelligent, but did not seem to actually do much. All fundamentals fluttered and flapped their wing-like bodies, somewhat like bats.[1][2]


Such creatures did not use advanced tactics in battle, and simple moved towards their opponent, as they attempted to ram them. The faster a fundamental was, the less armored it was, and vice versa. Air fundamentals were mobile but poorly-armored, whereas earth fundamentals were very slow, but well-armored.[1][2]

Fundamentals were generally difficult to detect, especially when within an environment involving their element. Opponents may have been surprised when fundamentals rushed from such environs.[1] These creature were also completely immune to their element, and could not be put to sleep or charmed.[1][2] Only magical weapons could hurt them.[1]


Fundamentals were common to the Inner Planes, and organized themselves in flocks. Their diet was dependent on which element they represented.[1]

Such beings did not consume much at all. It was not known if fundamentals were fully living creatures, or rather animate extensions of their element.[1]


In the mid 14th century DR, the adventurers, Allessia Faithhammer, Borador Goldhand, Dorn Redbear, Vhaidra Uoswiir, and Ysuran Auondril, were teleported to the Elemental Planes. In order to take down their foes, they had to first dispatch several fundamentals.[3]



  1. Though it looked like it, fundamentals didn't truly "fly", as a bird would. Instead, they leapt from their respective elements, unhampered by forces such as gravity.


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