The Fundamental Planes were infinite planes of existence which existed above and below the Prime Material Plane.[1][2] The Astral Sea was considered a realm of spirituality, pure thought and ethos. The Elemental Chaos was the domain of raw elemental matter and energy.[2] These planes were levels of reality in which countless specific locales existed like finite islands adrift in the infinite—the various Astral dominions and Elemental realms.[3]

The fundamental planes were not simply other planes, but dimensions formed and governed by spiritual concepts and elemental principles alien to the concepts of the Prime.[3][2]

Although the fundamental planes were infinite, the known astral dominions and elemental realms to scholars of Toril lay within a finite distance of each other. If a traveler was to journey through a fundamental plane into the trackless reaches outside the known dominions and realms, sooner or later he or she would arrive to divine dominions or elemental kingdoms of different universes. Such a journey would by unthinkably long, however.[3]

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