Furgis Boltsmelter was a dwarf criminal in the Moonsea.[1]


Furgis was a criminal who could be hired to procure information or objects from people with a skill that was uncanny. He used a medallion of thoughts, which allowed him to know the secrets that others held, which then permitted him to blackmail or otherwise use the stolen information to his advantage.[1]


Furgis committed a numbers of crimes for various employers.

In 1491 DR, the drow mage Murssvayas Dhuurniv hired Furgis to obtain the elemental codex from the dwarves of Earthfast. He blackmailed a clan leader using his typical scheme and managed to take the codex, then went to deliver it to the drow. However, Furgis was pursued by the Earthfast dwarves and also by both the Cult of the Crushing Wave and the Cult of the Black Earth, who also wanted the codex. Thus, near Mulmaster in the Moonsea, he hired an adventuring party as bodyguards.[1]


Furgis's most precious possession was his medallion of thoughts, which he called Aramesha's Wisdom.[2]


The medallion also influenced the mind of its owner: with it Furgis was confident and in command, but without it he constantly second-guessed himself and submitted to others' demands easily. In his heart, Furgis was a coward. He usually asked lots of questions in a neverending stream in order to check all of another being's thoughts.[2]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Very probably, Furgis died during the fighting against both the earth cultists and the Hammer of Moradin.[3]



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