Furifax was the most powerful bandit leader in Unther in 1357 DR.


Furifax was traveling with his parents in the Eastern Shaar when they were killed by bandits. Furifax was very young and was instead taken in and raised by the bandits. In time, he became their leader.

However, during a raid in Unther, Furifax was captured and sold into slavery in Unthalass. There he was destined to face Gilgeam himself in the arena but he escaped before the match. Returning to Eastern Shaar, Fufifax killed some other bandit leaders and became the leader of the largest bandit group in the area.

Afterward, he started to send his men into Unther in order to encourage rebellion and spy upon the god-king. He also allied himself with the cult of Tiamat.[1]


Furifax was known for his meticulous plans.[1]


Furifax totally embraced the human side of his nature. He was both brave and ruthless. Furifax was an able and loved leader but always cruel with enemies: for him, the end justified the means. He decided that he would decide the time and place for his contest against Gilgeam.[1]



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