Furlinastis was a shadow dragon who lived in a swamp on the Plane of Shadow.[1]

His body was covered in moving shadows that twisted into the faces of the souls that were trapped within it. These souls once kept a shard of Mask's divinity, which was stolen by Kesson Rel and then trapped within the shadow dragon's body.[1]

Furlinastis was originally bound to Kesson Rel in the Year of False Hopes, −646 DR, and gained his freedom through a second oath and soul binding offered by Avnon Des at great sacrifice by priests of the Hall of Shadows. The oath included aiding the First and Second of the Hall of Shadows to battle and defeat Kesson Rel. When Furlinastis was set free, the shadow dragon immediately intended to kill Kesson, but Kesson eluded him.[2]

Thousands of years later, when Furlinastis met Erevis Cale for the first time, he recognized Cale's sword, Weaveshear, as the weapon belonging to the "First" of Mask. He then healed Cale and his companions of their wounds and said, "The promise has been fulfilled", which he refused to elaborate on.[3]



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