Furthinghome was a trading port city in Aglarond and one of the oldest cities in the nation.[2]


Around 1368 DR, it was made up of some buildings in the traditional Aglarondan weathered wood style and others made from stone. It also contained a large slum where the buildings were simple huts. At the city's center was a circular road and a public park[2] called Old Furthing, which acted as a social and financial center.[1]


The port in Furthinghome was small and shallow, which limited the size of vessels that could dock. In 1368 DR, merchants imported spices, textiles, tools, and weapons, and exported fish and a small amount of timber from the Yuirwood, limited in quantity by its half-elf occupants.[2]

The city was also known for its horticulture around the same time, particularly for the dahlias, roses, and orchids grown in the glass greenhouses of the wealthier citizens,[2] but also for herbs too.[1]


The city was ruled in 1374 DR by Lord Fardyl Albin, a member of the Royal Council of Aglarond. He preferred to stay away from the council where possible and concentrate his efforts on the wealthier merchants of Furthinghome.[1]


A flock of peacocks were brought to the city from Mulhorand by Lord Ceraut, several decades prior to 1368 DR. After the death of Ceraut, his large estate became abandoned and the peacocks gradually spread to roam freely throughout the countryside surrounding the city.[2]


The slum district of the city, on the hills of its east side, was known as Furthingharrow. It was a shanty town populated by those settlers who were driven out of the Yuirwood. Most citizens here worked at the docks or as laborers or drivers. The lack of prosperity here was blamed upon a perception that only elves and half-elves could do well. The slums were inclined towards the Sons of Hoar.[1]


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