A fyrefly was a flying insect that flickered with flame at night. It grew to 2 inches (5 centimeters) long.[2]


The fyrefly ate vegetation. In Cormanthor's rimwood area, it ate cornflower pollen.[2]


The Cormanthor fyreflies gathered in massive swarms on clear summer evenings, and this caused scorching and damage to the foliage in the area. This continued until the morning light arrived and they dissipated.[2]

If there was an extremely clear night in the Cormanthor forest, the fyreflies mistook the highly visible stars for an invasion of rival fyreflies and went into a frenzy, causing extensive damage and igniting many fires.[2]


In 1362 DR these insects were used as sources of light in the citrus orchards of Thay. They were placed inside the lanterns affixed to branches, illuminating the trees that were worked by slaves in the dark.[1]




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